Africa: The most pro-American countries in the world can be found in Africa, especially the...

...Sub-Saharan region of Africa: the part of Africa below the Sahara Desert which basically excludes the most northern countries in Africa that border the Mediterranean Sea.  These Sub-Saharan African countries are some of the poorest war-torn countries in the world, but that's fine.  America wasn't built with rich immigrants but poor and many seeking asylum.  The Statue of Liberty says it best with: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."  If America is prosperous because of its freedoms and limited form of government, these African countries should then quickly rise out of their poverty to prosperity.  And when one of these African nations makes the move and prospers, the rest of Africa will very likely soon follow suit.

As with the Eastern European Statehood challenge, there are simply too many African countries to give each of them their own Statehood challenge.  Thus this renewable challenge is for the first concert organizer in Africa to hold a pro-statehood weekend mega-concert in their country.  Then their country will get its own Statehood challenge.

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