Ageism: Removes the upper age limit for joining the military and makes it solely dependent on the...

...person’s ability to physically and mentally do the assigned job.  [The idea that only the young should be part of the military is moronic.  Do you really want the least experienced and most immature segment of the population manning our military?  This is how you end up with public relations disasters like Abu Ghraib.  And do you really want the least mentally prepared segment to go into battle?  This can very well be why so many soldiers end up with post traumatic stress syndrome.  Yes, you need to be strong and healthy to be a ground combat soldier, but there are many men in their forties who can far outperform eighteen-year-old boys in strength, endurance, and determination.  Also, only a small percentage of all soldiers are ground combat soldiers, even in the US Marine Corp.  In fact, in the US Air Force, there are none.]

Future Challenges:

1) First TV documentary to follow middle-aged men and/or women as they enlist, go through basic training, and start doing their jobs.

2) First reality TV show to follow the lives of several middle-aged enlistees joining the military and going through basic training.  To win this future challenge, the show must have finished and aired its entire third season.  [This could very likely be an extremely inspiring TV series showing older people successfully competing against younger people in a "young person's game."  There could also be the social component of these enlistees having families and those families dealing with the loss of their spouse while they're in basic training.  The emotional reunions of these families during the soldier's first day pass during basic training will very likely be reality TV gold.]

3) Same as Future Challenge #2, but showcasing only fathers and sons as well as mothers and daughters going through basic training together for one season.

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