Astronomy: First amateur astronomy club to do a successful persuasion campaign to get an...

...eyewear retail chain (e.g., Pearle Vision or LensCrafters) to be the corporate patron for the Hubble Space Telescope.  [The Hubble has brought us some of the most beautiful views of our universe to date and that would make it a great natural match for an eyewear retailer that tries to bring a better view of our world through their glasses.]  The retail chain publicly and legally committing to pay for the next and future servicing space missions to the Hubble Telescope to repair and upgrade it.  [NASA has abandoned the Hubble Telescope to its fate as NASA will not send anymore service missions to it and yet NASA has no visual light orbital telescope planned for the future.  NASA says Hubble's replacement will be the Webb Space Telescope but it is an infra-red telescope, not a visual light telescope.]  To win this challenge, the astronomy club must get the retail chain to commit to sending a multi-stage booster rocket to the Hubble to push it into a higher orbit (so it is finally out of the South Atlantic Anomaly and so the Earth doesn't block its view of a specific spot of the universe every half orbit) and then service it using only robots.  The robots should probably be sent up with the first booster rocket and, so they can repair each other, send at least two.  Then when replacement parts are needed for Hubble (and/or the robots), these would be sent up by rockets and the robots would then do the repairs and upgrades.  [The reason why Hubble was placed in a low-orbit was so it could be serviced by human astronauts on the Space Shuttle, which could only reach low-orbit.]  The retail chain cannot rename Hubble but can put their corporate logo on the outside of the hinged telescope cap.

To win this challenge, at least one member of the astronomy club must be at the press conference where the eyewear retail chain announces their patronage of Hubble.  The astronomy club representative(s) must be allowed to speak to the reporters up at the same podium that the chain's spokesperson speaks.  If more than one astronomy club is given credit by the chain as the ones who persuaded them, at least one representative from each club must also be at the press conference and allowed to speak to the reporters.
[The reason why this challenge is put in the Entertainment category is because amateur astronomy isn't about conducting scientific research but simply enjoying the beauty of the universe: a night under the stars with one's telescope, if not with other amateur astronomers and their telescopes.]

Future Challenges: First nationally-syndicated grave-shift radio talk show host who wears glasses, champions this challenge, and gets:

1) The president of a major amateur astronomy associations (e.g.,The Astronomical League) on their show and, if s/he isn't already behind it, encourages them to get behind the above challenge and make it happen.

2) The CEO of an eyewear retail chain on her/his show and encourages them to have their company to sponsor the Hubble Telescope.

3) Their listeners to come to "Save Hubble" nighttime rallies all over the US, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean near where they live to show their support for the original challenge.  To win this future challenge, the host must also encourage their listeners to get a telescope, get outdoors, and explore the stars.  The radio talk show host will switch their entire show to be a live "under the stars" show for amateur astronomers.  The host physically moves their studio outdoors and far away from city lights so s/he can talk to their listeners as they observe the stars, planets, moons, and galaxies together.  The host commonly tells what s/he is looking at and where in the sky it is so their listeners can do so at the same time.  The host encourages listeners to crank up their car radios so they can hear her/him while they look through their telescopes.  The host also interviews professional astronomers on the latest discoveries they've made in astronomy.  To win this future challenge, the radio talk show host must do the above for at least three years.

4) Another grave-shift radio talk show host to help her/him do Future Challenge #3 on their nights off the air so the "Save Hubble" rallies never stop and grave-shifters always have this fun activity to do no matter when their days off from work fall.

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