Baseball: First female player to be hired and serve on a MLB baseball team. [The popularity of...

...Major League Baseball (MLB) has been in decline for decades.  This challenge is meant to help reverse that trend by giving women and girls a very strong reason to come and see a baseball game.  To give girls female role models to emulate and admire.  To rid baseball of its "boys only club" image and mentality.  And since baseball isn't a hard-hitting contact sport (like football), there really isn't a good reason why women cannot compete on equal footing as men in the sport.  Running speed, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination have a far larger importance for the game than brute strength.]

Future Challenges: First female MLB player to:

1) Hit a home run.

2) Hit a grand slam.

3) Hit 100 home runs in a season.

4) Steal home plate by knocking the ball out of the catcher's glove.

5) Be a catcher.

6) Be a relief pitcher.

7) Be a starting pitcher.

8) Be a starting pitcher and pitch a single-pitcher shutout game.

9) Be a starting pitcher and pitch a single-pitcher no-hitter game.

10) Be a starting pitcher and pitch a single-pitcher perfect game.

11) Be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.

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