Bicycling (short-distance): The third annual Florida Keys New Year's Day Race. A cycling race that...

...starts at the stroke of midnight and travels from downtown Miami to Key West (the bottom of the Florida Keys).  The majority of the race travels across the 127.5-mile Overseas Highway.  [This will likely be covered live, off and on, as a TV network covers New Year’s Eve celebrations across the continental US.  TV networks bidding against each other to cover this race with what the winning TV network pays used to cover for operating the race and its prize purses.]  Each bicycle must have a working headlight and taillight.

Future Challenge:

First blind person to finish the race before official sunrise.  So seeing cyclists can see them in the dark, blind cyclists must still have headlights and taillights.  [Blind people can ride bicycles by themselves by using echolocation.  They click their tongues and can literally hear objects around them.]

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