Bodybuilding: Third annual international bodybuilding competition that allows its contestants to...

...openly use steroids and other pharmaceuticals and gene therapies to perfect their bodies.  [The truth of the matter is that ALL professional bodybuilders use steroids and other pharmaceuticals to get their bodies into competition shape.  They all SAY they don't, but they do.  A competition-level body just isn't possible without steroids.  But because steroids is currently illegal in bodybuilding competitions, what happens is professional bodybuilders play a game of cat-and-mouse with the judges and their blood tests.  Bodybuilders are always on the outlook for pharmaceuticals that current blood tests cannot detect.  Judges are always trying to catch onto the newest "illegal" pharmaceuticals and get their blood tests to detect them.  But this is wrong on four levels:

1) By making such pharmaceuticals illegal, it forces them to be sold on the black market.  Think about that.  Wouldn't it be much safer to enable bodybuilders to get their drugs from a pharmaceutical company than from a high school drop-out who whipped it up in his basement?  Pharmaceutical companies can make the drugs safer by simply insuring they are made in sanitary factories.  Not to mention working on the drugs to make them safer as far as their effects and side effects go.  Not to mention not "cutting" the drug with harmful substances to get more sales out of the same quantity of drug.  Not to mention medical doctors being able to openly advise bodybuilders on how to safely and effectively use such drugs.  [It is for this level that this challenge is thus placed in the Health Care category of challenges.]

2) Pharmaceuticals are FANTASTIC!  We should be celebrating the advance of science and not forcing it underground.  We should see just how far bodybuilders can go.  What strength levels can be achieved.  And by such bodybuilders willing to lead the way, the rest of the population might be able to benefit by some of those drugs then being shown to be useful to the average person in their desire to have a more physically powerful and impressive body.

3) The lies will stop.  Go to any bodybuilding website and you will see ads featuring famous bodybuilders saying that such-and-such protein powder mix and/or vitamin supplement gave them the bodies they have.  Yes, those protein powder mixes very likely did help in the building of their bodies and possibly even vitamin supplements did as well, BUT steroids was the biggest reason why their bodies became what they are.  By allowing bodybuilders to openly use steroids and other pharmaceuticals and gene therapies, they can start telling the truth on just how they did get their winning physiques.  Then less people will be hoodwinked about protein powder mixes and other supplements.  Truth is ALWAYS better than lies.

4) No one has EVER won a bodybuilding competition by only using steroids.  If you think you can get a competition-level body without actually lifting weights, you're only kidding yourself.  Even with steroids, professional bodybuilders work out at least four to six hours everyday in the gym.  Steroids help them build bigger muscles but without lifting weights and pushing their lifting ability to their limit, they would NEVER achieve the bodies they've achieved.  Steroids is just one element in a wide range of things that enable professional bodybuilders to be what they are.  Read up on their highly restrictive diets.  They commonly know how much fat they're consuming each meal down to the gram.  Do you?  Read about a day in the life of a professional bodybuilder and ask yourself if you could seriously commit yourself to such a life.]

Future Challenges:

1) Third annual all-sports athletic competition where contestants are allowed to openly use steroids and other pharmaceuticals, blood doping, and gene therapies.  "All-sports" means what sports are in season at that time, such as skiing during winter.  [Anyone who says athletes who use steroids are cheaters doesn't fully understand just how abnormal Olympic-level athletes are.  Who do you know trains full-time?  Read up on the highly restrictive diets these athletes eat.  Look at all the other high technology they use to get their maximum performance.  Super-high-speed motion cameras are not natural and yet they're used all the time to film and instruct athletes how to improve their performance.  This future challenge celebrates the advance of science and seeks to see just what man and science can achieve in the field of sports.]

2) Same as Future Challenge #1 but also having more viewers than the Olympics, either summer or winter.

3) First Olympics to allow athletes to openly use steroids and other pharmaceuticals, blood-doping, and gene therapies.  [Once Future Challenge #2 starts to get close to being achieved (more popular than the current steroid-"free" Olympics ... *cough* ... Ben Johnson ... *cough*), expect the International Olympic Committee to panic and then to start the unnecessarily long process of considering to allow athletes to openly use artificial enhancers.  However, don't expect them to make this change until FC #2 actually happens.]

4) First gold-metal winner of FC #1 games to be chosen by General Mills to be and is featured on the front of a cereal box of Wheaties.  [When this happens, you know society has accepted what the original challenge above advocates.]

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