Business: First association of bloggers who solely focus on local businesses and their local... community.  The blogger must be committed to interview the owners of both new and going-out-of-business businesses; profile business loan officers of local banks, business professors of local colleges, business law lawyers of local law firms, and business accountants of local accounting firms; breaking ground ceremonies of new business buildings; and zoning board meetings.

Future Challenges: First local business blogger to receive a good citizenship award for their blog work from a:

1) Mayor.

2) Governor.

3) Top federal politician (i.e., US President).

4) CEO of a bank chain with at least 250 banks in it.

First bank chain (250 or more banks in it) to annually give:

5) An award to the best local business blogger.

6) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the three best local business bloggers.

7) At least a million dollars to the best local business blogger or blog team, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

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