Canoeing: Third annual summer canoe race down the Mississippi River. Starting the First of June of...

...each year, the race will go from Lake Itasca Park, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.  [This is a roughly 2,300-mile race.]  All canoes must sport the race's official flag on a four-foot flexible pole on their stern deck and have waterproof GPS trackers glued or bolted to their frames.  The coordinates of the GPS trackers are shown on the map of the Mississippi River at the race's official website.  All racers must wear life jackets at all times while on the river.  Due to how hazardous the Mississippi River is as a major active commercial shipping river, no canoe can travel after official sunset or before official sunrise.  Race officials will monitor the canoes' GPS coordinates to insure racers comply with this rule.  All racers must have waterproof floatable cellphones for emergencies and for race officials to contact them at anytime.  When racers leave the river, they must re-enter the river where they left it last time, though they can portage around locks.  However, only the canoe racers can portage their canoes and no one else.

The race must have the following two race categories: solo canoers and two-person team canoers.  Racers can have a support vehicle follow them on land, but not in the water.  All support vehicles must have their own GPS tracker installed and possess a cellphone.

Future Challenges:

1) First woman to win the solo race.

2) First all-female racing team to win the race.

3) First Native American to win the solo race.

4) First Native Americans to win the team race.

5) First person under the age of 13 years to complete the race.  This racer MUST have a pursuit vehicle.

6) First two persons, both under the age of 13 years, to complete the race as a team.  These racers MUST have a pursuit vehicle.

7) First person over the age of 64 years to complete the race.

8) First two persons, both over the age of 64 years, to complete the race as a team.

Fully and solely sponsoring at least one solo racer or racing team which wins their race, the first corporate sponsor which is a:

9) Canoe maker.  [e.g., Wenonah, Buffalo, Ranger, etc.]

10) Native American casino.  [e.g. Foxwoods, Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi, etc.]

11) Waterproof floatable cellphone manufacturer.

12) Cellphone service company.  [e.g., MetroPCS, Sprint, etc.]

First TV production company to produce an hour-long prime-time:

13) Documentary that covers one of the races that airs on a US broadcast or cable TV network.

14) Weekly reality TV show that covers the annual race.  To win this future challenge, the show must air for at least three seasons.

Operating in similar fashion to the above race down the Mississippi River, first Great River Race down the:

15) Nile River.

16) Amazon River.

17) Yangtze River.

In regards to all four Great River Races...

18) First person to win all four.

19) First person of the opposite sex to win all four.

20) First two-person team to win all four.

21) First two-person team of the opposite sex to win all four.

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