Cell Health: First to invent a virus that injects itself into animal cells, eats only one specific...

...type of cell garbage (such as lipofuscin [A2E], Lewy bodies, clumpy beta-amyloid, and/or mitochondria that no longer produce ATP), replicates itself, and, once that type of garbage is gone from the cell, fully and harmlessly leaves the virus for another cell.  When all garbage in all cells is gone, the virus starves and dies.  The waste produced by the virus consuming the garbage is something the virus expels once outside the cell or that the cell either can consume or expel itself.  [Many scientists hold that the accumulation of cell garbage is one of the contributors of what we know as aging and possibly even the cause of death by "old age."]

Future Challenges: First to invent an above virus:

1) To do the above to human cells.

2) That eats all of the garbage in human cells.

3) Same as Future Challenge #2 but has a tiny percentage of the virus not die off but go dormant for a long period of time (possibly a year), revive and replicate itself, do its job, and then only a tiny percentage goes dormant again once all cell garbage has been consumed.

4) First human to volunteer to have a garbage-ridding virus injected into her/his body, gets injected with the virus, the virus does its job perfectly, and the human lives without any negative side-effects.  The virus needs only to eliminate one type of cell garbage.

5) First cell-garbage eliminating virus approved by the FDA.

6) First cell-garbage eliminating virus allowed by the FDA to be used an an additive to milk, soda pop, or flavored bottled water.

7) First soda pop company (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) to add a FDA-approved cell-garbage eliminating virus to all of their sodas.

8) First soda pop company to add to all of their sodas FDA-approved cell-garbage eliminating virus(es) that eliminate all known cell garbage.

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