Chicken: First fast food chicken restaurant chain to serve skinless chicken that has not been...

...fried and/or battered but has been grilled, pressure cooked, or boiled.  If boiled, the skinless chicken is boiled in herbs and spices but not salt.  [Chicken is a healthy food IF it is skinless.  And if you say you like chicken skin, you're wrong.  You like the herbs and spices put onto that chicken skin.  If instead those herbs and spices were put directly onto and into the chicken meat, the meat would taste more delicious and you will end up eating less fat.

Recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken (which now likes to refer to itself as just "KFC" to not turn off the health-conscious consumer by the unhealthy "Fried" in its name) has made a move in this direction by introducing grilled chicken BUT they still leave the skin on the chicken and season the skin more than the meat.  Hopefully this challenge will get them to take the next step by offering an even more healthier alternative to their customers.]

Future Challenges: First fast food chicken restaurant chain to serve only:

1) Skinless batter-less chicken that has been either grilled, pressure cooked, and/or boiled, but never fried.

2) Spicy vegetable side dishes and no starch side dishes.  The spicy vegetable side dishes must EACH be offered in five spice levels: not spicy, mild, medium, hot, and super hot.  The super hot spice level can have a fancy name to drive its extreme spice level home to customers, such as "Molten Lava", "Hell Hot", "Extreme Heat", etc.

As for what are classified as "starch side dishes", those are anything that is chiefly starch, such as potatoes, biscuits, dinner rolls, gravy (which is mainly flour), corn (on the cob), bread buns, whole grain breads, and macaroni & cheese.  [Starch is a carbohydrate that takes a long time for your stomach to digest.  Unlike candy, they do not give you an immediate sugar boost but their sugars are slowly released.  Unfortunately, your body stores unused carbohydrates as fat so the more starchy food you eat, the fatter you get.  Cutting out all starchy food will help you lose weight while not feeling hungry as long as you eat as much fat-less meat and vegetables until you feel full.  Skinless chicken and spicy vegetables are a great diet for this.]

3) Flavored water and no sugar water or fruit juices.  The flavored water can be teas, sugar-free sodas, and simply flavored and unflavored distilled drinking water.  As for fruit juices, they have a higher carbohydrate level than even sugar pop.  [Again, the less carbohydrates you consume, the less overweight you'll become.]

4) What is outlined in all three future challenges above.

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