Clogged Arteries: First to develop a virus or parasite that can only exist (or at least always...

...strives to live in) blood arteries and only consumes arterial plaque (or at least "bad" cholesterol [low-density lipoprotein]).  The virus/parasite must also be highly susceptible to a specific drug that will instantly kill it and only it.  The drug cannot harm the human body in any way.  The doctor must be able to inject this virus/parasite into a patient and after it has cleared the patient's arteries, inject the drug to kill off the virus/parasite.  [When arteries become blocked, they can cause strokes, heart attacks and even death.  This challenge will clear our arteries and thus reduce our chances of suffering such fates.]

Future Challenges:

1) First above virus/parasite that once all arterial plaque is consumed, it starves to death and dies.

Same as Future Challenge #1 but:

2) Can be sold in pill form over the counter from pharmacies to the public.

3) Can be used as a tasteless food additive in milk, soda pop, and bottled water.  [With this food additive, people don't even have to think about doing this beyond being sure to drink one of these ever so often.]

4) First soda pop maker (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) to add this virus/parasite to one of their lines of sodas.

5) First soda pop maker to add this virus/parasite to ALL of their lines of sodas.

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