College Sports: First NCAA Division 1 and professional sports league to agree to have their...

...NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 championship team play against the professional team that had the worst season.  Only football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey are eligible for this challenge.  The game will be played during the professional sport’s play-off season.  If the NCAA  team wins, it then gets to take on the professional team that was kicked out of the first round of the professional sports league’s play-offs.  This second game will be played after the first second round of the sport’s play-off games.  If the NCAA team wins, it then takes on the professional team that was the fourth best team of the year (such as the team to lose the worst in NBA Conference Finals).  This third game to be played before the professional sports league’s championship game.  If the NCAA team wins, it then takes on that year’s champion professional sports team a week after the professional team’s championship game.

Future Challenges:

1) First NCAA Division I and professional sports league to officially make the above games an annual tradition for their sport.

First NCAA team to defeat:

2) A professional team.

3) The worst play-off team.

4) The fourth best professional team of the year.

5) The champion professional team.

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