Commentary: First professional sports team to employ its own deaf sports commentator to do... commentating via closed captioning.  This is NOT the translating of what the speaking sports commentators are saying.  This is completely separate commentary done by a deaf person for the hearing-impaired TV audience.  [While stenographers try to do a good job of translating into text what spoken commentators say, they don't always get everything right and commonly skip words, phrases, and even complete sentences to "catch up" to what the speaking commentators are saying.  Not to mention translating words wrong.  This challenge takes a different route.  It gives a wholly different perspective on the game.  It should improve the quality of closed captaining of sports games and thus improve the quality of enjoyment by hearing-impaired sports fans.] 

Future Challenges: First full-time deaf sports commentator to:

1) Work for a city's professional baseball, basketball, and football team.  [By working for all three, this would give the deaf commentator full-time work.  When games of the different leagues overlap, which game gets the deaf commentator would need to be determined by their joint contract with the deaf person so this issue is settled well beforehand.]

2) Be more popular than any of their city's speaking sports commentators.  This must be determined by an independent polling service.

3) Be inducted into a professional sports league's Hall of Fame.

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