Community Improvement: First association of city/county bloggers who focus solely on public...

...eyesores in their cities/counties.  [A public eyesore is something that makes their community look bad.  This can be something as large as a scrapyard in plain sight of a highway or as little as the lack of a sidewalk where pedestrians have trampled a dirt path.]  The bloggers must use photography and/or video to show their readers what they are talking about.  Their call-for-actions must not be for their local government to do something but for private citizens and businesses to do something, especially the private owners of the eyesore.  Bloggers can use crowd-funding websites (Kickstarter, RocketHub, IndieGoGo, etc.) to set up fund-raising drives to help cover the cost of cleaning up an eyesore (especially those on public land) and take at most a 10% commission of funds raised for doing so and publicizing it.

Future Challenges: First city/county blogger to receive a good citizenship award for their blog work from a:

1) Mayor.

2) County/parish/borough board.

3) Governor.

4) Top federal politician (i.e., US President).

5) CEO of a home supply store chain of at least 250 stores.

First home supply store chain (250 stores or more) to annually give:

6) An award to the best eyesore blogger.

7) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the best three eyesore bloggers.

8) At least a million dollars to the best eyesore blogger, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

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