Confederations: First professional association of confederations of bloggers in towns, cities,...

...counties, states, or regions to have at least 1,000 blogger confederations as due-paying members.  Each confederation must offer their website free to the public and publicly limit the coverage of their bloggers to a single town, city, county, state/province, or region.  Each confederation must have at LEAST one local business blogger, one local community improvement blogger, one local court/crime blog team, one local fire blogger, one local government blogger, and one local sports blogger.  Each covering their topic in only the area which the confederation limits itself.  All confederations must be jointly owned by its bloggers and no one else.  Each confederation, as a whole, must not own any of the blogs they run on their website nor restrict the ability of any blogger to leave their confederation for another one or to go solo.  Allowing a blogger to join a confederation must be left up to a majority vote by the bloggers in that confederation.  Same for removing a blogger from a confederation.

[Local, state, and regional newspapers are dying.  The above confederations of local bloggers will replace them, if not cause them to go under faster.  Journalism isn't dead.  It is simply changing with the times.]

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