Corporate Subsidies: First US State to tax all federal corporate subsidies accepted by...

...businesses in their state at 110%.  [This means forcing corporations in the state off the government teat to prosper or go bankrupt by their own industriousness rather than living off of the taxpayer as parasites.  This forces these business owners to (possibly for the first time) be capitalists and not welfare recipients.

      And by a state essentially eliminating federal corporate subsidies, ALL of their Congresspersons will work to eliminate all federal corporate subsidies for the entire USA so their state isn't at a disadvantage.  Each state that does this original challenge adds its Congresspersons to this anti-corporate subsidies coalition.]

Future Challenges: In those US States that allow citizen-initiated state-wide referendums, the first US radio talk show host to champion this challenge and...

1) ...enable their listeners to sign the petition by way of the show's website OR, if online petitions are not allowed in that state, request a visit by petition signature getters.

2) ...gets one of their state's US House Representatives or US Senators to appear on their show and publicly give their support to the petition drive.

3) ...gets all of their state's US House Representatives and US Senators to appear on the show together and anonymously publicly support the petition drive.

4) the first host to get all the required signatures to put the referendum on the next election ballot in their state.

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