Courts: First association of blog teams who solely focus on local court cases, including not only...

...municipal and county courts but also state/province and federal courts that are located in their communities.  Blog teams are needed since more than one trial commonly takes place at a time.  The blog team must have enough bloggers to cover all courtrooms in "their" courthouse.  Each blogger individually posting their own report on trials that took place in their assigned courtroom.  [This will be a great blog for senior citizens to do as they are retired and thus can attend all of these trials.]  If photography is allowed in the court, it is taken.  If video is allowed, it is taken and if possible, streamed live over the Internet.  If photography and video are not allowed, the blog team must have at least one artist who can go around taking sketches of all the trials in progress so each blogger gets something visual (the sketch) for them to post along with their report.  [Visuals help engage readers and, for some, makes it "real" and not abstract to them.]  The blog must have a sidebar where profiles of the local judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers are accessible.

Future Challenges: First local court blog team to receive a good citizenship award for their blog work from:

1) American Bar Association

2) American Civil Liberties Union

3) Institute for Justice

4) CEO of a home security system manufacturer.

First home security system manufacturer to annually give:

5) An award to the best local court blog team.

6) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the three best local court blog teams.

7) At least a million dollars to the best local court blog team, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

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