Crab: First commercial crab boat to automate the retrieving of a crab cage buoy and the spooling of...

...its rope.  To win this challenge (and Future Challenges #1, #2, and #5), the program must include a learning algorithm, must transmit at least once per operational day what it has learned to the company that developed the program, and download updates from that central server.

Future Challenges: First commercial crab boat to:

1) Automate the retrieving of a crab cage from the ship’s deck and then setting, baiting, and releasing it.

2) Automate the crab acceptance/rejection and storage process and then the storage of the crab cage on deck or what’s outlined in Future Challenge #1.

3) Add a durable adhesive covering that effectively heats a crab boat’s hull exterior to prevent and/or get rid of icing.

4) Design a crab cage that can be plugged into the ship’s electrical system to heat itself and prevent and/or get rid of icing.  The plugging in of the cage is automated.

5) Automate the entire deck.

6) Operate without a deck crew for an entire season.

7) Operate without a deck crew for three seasons.

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