Dental: First toothpaste and/or toothbrush manufacturer to become a sponsor of a US broadcast or...

...cable TV drama series and, as part of the sponsorship deal, the show always has to show its female characters and popular male characters brushing their teeth after each meal.  Yes, even when they're at home.  When the characters are away at a restaurant, the women have the sponsor's compact travel toothbrush kits in their purses, which they use in the restroom after their meal while "powdering their noses."  If the characters are children and are at school, the girls and popular boys go to the restrooms to brush their teeth after their school lunch and use the sponsor's compact travel toothbrush kits they carry in their book bags/backpacks (or the girls carry in their purses).  [Monkey see, monkey do.  If TV shows the above behavior, their viewing audiences will copy it.  It is really that simple.]  To win this challenge, the toothpaste/toothbrush manufacturer's compact travel toothbrush kits must include a foldable/telescopic toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, at least six dental floss picks (e.g., Oral B Advantage Floss Picks), a small bottle of mouthwash, and a built-in mirror so they can check the appearance of their front teeth.

Future Challenges: First toothpaste/toothbrush manufacturer to do the above sponsorship deal with:

1) Two broadcast or cable network children's TV drama series.

2) Two broadcast or cable network adult TV drama series.

3) A cable TV network's prime-time TV drama.

4) A broadcast TV network's prime-time TV drama.

5) Ten broadcast and/or cable network TV dramas.

As outlined in the original challenge above, the first US broadcast or cable TV network to issue a programming mandate policy that requires all characters in:

6) Its children's drama series to do so.

7) Its adult drama series to do so.

8) ALL of its drama series to do so.

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