Doberman Pinschers: First third-generation Doberman Pinscher that has a naturally-bobbed...

...tail, naturally-cropped ears, and is a successful off-shoot breed named Doberman Panzer.  The new dog breed looks exactly like Doberman Pinschers who have had their tails bobbed and their ears cropped.  [The current barbaric practice of chopping off ("docking") a dog’s tail and cutting up ("cropping") its ears to have a Doberman Pinscher look a certain way need not be done if Doberman Pinschers are bred to look this way.]

Future Challenges:

1) The formation of a Doberman Panzer Club with at least 100 Doberman Panzer breeders as members.

2) Recognition and acceptance of the Doberman Panzer as a new dog breed by the American Kennel Club.

3) American Kennel Club no longer allows Doberman Pinschers, which have had their tails bobbed and/or ears cropped, to participate in conformation contests.

First Doberman Panzer to win Best in Show at:

4) Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

5) Crufts.

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