Eastern Europe: Countries formerly known as the Eastern Bloc and former states of the...

...Soviet Union (e.g., Albania) are trying to rejoin the world after emerging from the dark ages of Soviet and Czarist rule.  Poland is one of them and has been singled out for its own Statehood challenge due to the fact that it is widely known as being very pro-American.  Ukraine is another one singled out for its own Statehood challenge due to the current EU vs Russia debate that is taking place in it right now.  However, there are other very pro-American Eastern European countries.  Albania and Kosovo are two examples and it could be argued that they are even more pro-US than Poland.  Why each of these Eastern European countries don't get their own separate Statehood challenge is simply because there are so many of them.  However, when one of these countries holds a pro-statehood weekend mega-concert, they will get their own Statehood challenge.  For now, this challenge is a renewable one as it rewards the newest Eastern European country to hold a pro-statehood weekend mega-concert.

One of the reasons why these countries will likely want to join the US as one of its states is to receive protection from Russia.  Many of them feel bullied by Russia so joining the US would eliminate this as a concern.
Probably the best way any of these Eastern European countries can demonstrate their desire to join the US is by their national governments initiating massive American English education programs for all of its citizens.  These educational programs could go so far as to mandate that only American English is taught and spoken in its schools and universities, that one of the nation's TV broadcast channels and one of the nation's radio stations be devoted to only teaching its citizens American English, and all the other TV broadcast channels and radio stations be required to only broadcast in American English.  That all road signs be redone in American English, all newspapers be printed in American English, and all government workers take American English courses.  Nothing will show America that the country truly desires to assimilate into its culture more than such an educational program.

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