Elder Welfare (payments): Prohibits retirees with annual retirement incomes of over $250,000 from...

...receiving Social Security.  [As Social Security is a direct-transfer government welfare program (taxes that come in go directly out), it is unthinkable that the working poor should help finance the retirement of the rich.  This isn’t to say those who have an annual retirement income of $249,999 should get Social Security.  This challenge’s goal is simply to destroy the idea that Social Security is an entitlement by making it very hard for anti-rich politicians to vote against such a bill.]

Future Challenges:

1) Making the same change for Medicare.

First radio talk show hosts to champion this challenge and:

2) Start and spearhead a crowdfunding project (IndieGoGo, RocketHub, etc.) to create TV commercials featuring the host advocating this challenge and then paying for a national advertising campaign on at least the cable news networks.

3) Get a sitting member of the US Congress (either chamber) to come onto her/his show and be on record as being in favor of this challenge.  Their discussion lasting at least five minutes on the air and then its available for listening on the show's website.

4) Same as Future Challenge #3 but from the other political party.

5) Same as FC #3 but numbering 10 congresspersons.  They do not have to all appear at the same time on the show and can appearing individually.  However, it is preferred that at least one Democrat and one Republican appear together each time to show bipartisan support for the challenge.

6) Same as FC #5 but numbering 25.

7) Same as FC #5 but numbering 50.

8) Same as FC #5 but numbering 100.

9) Same as FC #5 but being a majority of the US House.

10) Same as FC #5 but being a majority of the US Senate.

11) Same as FC #5 but being a veto-proof majority of the US House.  By being "veto-proof" it is meant that if the US President vetoes the bill proposing the challenge that there are enough votes in the US House to over-ride the President's veto.

12) Same as FC #11 but being a veto-proof majority in the US Senate.

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