Eye Care: First eye drop that de-yellows the cornea and is approved by the FDA. The eye drop must...

...be painless or contain painkillers to counter any pain it might inflict.  [As people age, their corneas get a yellow tint.  When senior citizens get cornea transplants, they commonly remark how the sky is now as blue as it was in their childhood.  A yellow filter distorts colors, such a blue.]

Future Challenges:

1) First ophthalmologist to use the above eye drop to de-yellow 100,000 patients’ corneas.  To win this future challenge, all patients must be at least 50 years of age.  [Expect some ophthalmologists to set up kiosks in malls, at sporting events, etc. and offer to do the de-yellowing for free.]

2) First above eye drops sold over the counter.

3) First above eye drop medicine that can be added to soda pop, milk, and orange juice and approved by the FDA.

4) First soda pop maker (e.g., A&W Rootbeer) to add the above de-yellowing agent to one of their lines of soda.

5) First soda pop maker to add the above de-yellowing agent to ALL of their lines of soda.

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