Farm Subsidies: First association of US farmers who refuse to receive subsidies from any...

...governmental body (federal, state, or local).  This association holds that farm subsidies are nothing other than farm welfare and they refuse to be welfare recipients.  The association's members believe that they are entrepreneurs and not wards of the State.  Hard-working capitalists, not freeloading socialists.  Each association member must display a large circular sign at the entrance to their farm house's driveway that is a big red "not" sign over a Uncle Sam hat (see above illustration).  They are also encouraged to sport circular bumper stickers of the same design on all their vehicles.  Association members cannot be part of any farmer association or cooperative that lobbies for and/or encourages its members to accept farm subsidies.  To win this challenge, the association must have at least 10,000 dues-paying farmer members.

The association must employ at least one full-time lobbyist in Washington DC and one full-time roaming lobbyist that lobbies state legislatures.  Both lobbyists fight to eliminate all farm subsidies and when they're all eliminated, vigilantly works to keep them from being re-introduced or passed ever again.  Association members also work as a coordinated group and make meaningful campaign contributions to US congresspersons and state legislators of any political party who are publicly against all farm subsidies.  Association members also meaningfully contribute to the campaigns of political candidates who are against farm subsidies and challenging incumbent US congresspersons and state legislators who are in favor of farm subsidies.

[New Zealand shows that without farm subsidies, agriculture isn't hurt but thrives.  In 1984 while facing a budget crisis, the Labor Party (yes, the LABOR Party) eliminated almost 30 production subsidies and export incentives to New Zealand farmers.  Prior to 1984, nearly 40 percent of farmers were dependent on farm subsidies.  After 1984, one percent of farms went under but the 99% that stuck it out went onto improve their farming efficiencies, explored new markers, and returned to profitability.]

Future Challenges: First 10,000-member trade association like the above in:

1) The European Union.

2) Japan.

3) Central or South America.

First farm radio talk show host, whose sound studio is located in the US Midwest, to champion this challenge and:

4) Recruits members for the above US association everyday for 100 days they are on the radio.

5) Gets the Secretary of Agriculture of the US government on her/his show for at least fifteen minutes to discuss the association and its objectives.

6) Get both the Chair and Vice Chair of the US House Committee on Agriculture on their show to discuss the association and its objectives for at least 15 minutes.

7) Get the Chair and Vice Chair of the US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry on their show to discuss the association and its objectives for at least fifteen minutes.

8) Solo emcee a country-music mega-concert weekend rally for the association.  To win this future challenge, the mega-concert must have at least 30 country bands and get carried live by at least one US cable TV network.  [SPECIAL NOTE: If you are such a radio talk show host and in the process of starting up such a rally, contact us and we'll try to get Jack to your rally.  Please contact us as far in advance as possible so we have a better chance of working your rally into Jack's schedule.  We might even be able to film your rally as part of an upcoming YouTube or TV special.]

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