Fire: First association of bloggers who solely focus on local fires. They must include at least... highlights of the fire, if not its entirety from when they arrived at it to when the fire department trucks go away.  If possible, they are also to give a live feed of fires in progress.  The blogger must also be dedicated to covering the repair of fire damage and showing at least photographs of its progress on their blog; profiling local firefighters, fire marshals, arson investigators, and fire insurance agents; covering fire drills at local schools; local fire departments' practice fires; attending government meetings that deal with the fire department; covering the recovery of burn victims; and any fund-raising event that would benefit local fire departments or fire victims.

Future Challenges: First fire blogger to send out cellphone text message alerts to their subscribers when they:

1) Post a new blog post.  [This way their subscribers get the news report while it is still hot.  Pun intended.]

2) Are streaming live a fire in progress on their blog.

First local fire blogger to receive a good citizenship award for their blog work from a:

3) Mayor.

4) Governor.

5) Top federal politician (i.e., US President).

6) CEO of a national fire insurance company.

First national fire insurance company to annually give:

7) An award to the best local fire blogger.

8) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the three best local fire bloggers.

9) At least a million dollars to the best local fire blogger, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

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