Food Allergies: First major fast food restaurant chain to make it a chain-wide policy to...

...allow customers to adjust any meal item by at least subtraction AND whenever a meal item change is requested, the order taker ALWAYS asks if the special order is due to a food allergy.  If it is, the order taker presses a button on their touchscreen and this results in the order being flagged as a food allergy order.  When an order is flagged as a food allergy order, the order maker removes and throws away their gloves, washes their food prep area, washes their hands, puts on new gloves, and uses all newly-cleaned tools (e.g., a knife) in making the order.

Future Challenges:

1) First fine restaurant chain (e.g., Applebee's, Olive Garden, etc.) to do the original challenge.

2) First fast food restaurant chain to no longer serve any nuts (including peanuts) or use any nut oil (including peanut oil) in their restaurants and puts "Nut-Free Restaurant" stickers on all their exterior customer doors.  [Nut allergies are some of the most common and deadly food allergies around.  Someone with a severe nut allergy can die of the allergy by their throats swelling shut and thus suffocation.  Jack Decker, BTC's creator, is just such a person.]

3) Like Future Challenge #2 but for soybeans.  The stickers on the exterior customer doors reading "Soybean-Free Restaurant".  [Soybean allergies are another common food allergy (which Jack Decker also has) and is not easily spotted as soy flour is commonly used to supplement bakery items.  Fortunately, rice flour can easily substitute for soy flour so this transition shouldn't be a major problem for chains to institute.]

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