Galapagos: First resort hotel in Manta, Ecuador to offer eco-tours of the Galapagos Islands (made...

...famous by Charles Darwin) where their tourists stay at their Manta hotel and fly out to the Galapagos Islands only for the day, though it can be many days in a row with them returning each evening.  These Galapagos eco-tours groups do not interact with island residents at all.  The tour groups do not eat at island restaurants for the resort brings all their meals over from the mainland.  The tour group doesn't allow its members to shop on the islands.  They don't even use the island's bathroom facilities for the resort has its own hovercraft tour buses at the island airports and their tour group members are required to only use the bathroom facilities on these buses.  [Hovercraft vehicles don't need roads and thus eventually even roads could be eliminated from the islands.]  The resort then pumps the bus' septic tanks into the airline jet's septic tanks to transport back all human waste to the mainland for processing there.  The resort makes a sincere effort to hire all its new employees from the Galapagos Islands and requires these new employees to relocate to Manta and, if they own property on Galapagos, to sell it to the resort as part of their employment agreement.  The resort then donates the land of these employees to the Galapagos National Park to be made part of it.  The resort uses a significant portion of its annual profits to buy private land on the islands and then donates it to the national park.  In their lobby, the resort must have a satellite map of what land they've purchased and turned over to the national park.  To win this challenge, the resort hotel must have at least 100 hotel rooms.

[Galapagos is a global natural treasure that is right now being destroyed by human occupation.  This challenge's goal is to completely depopulate the islands of humans and to return the islands to their pre-human condition.  But for it to do so in such a way that still enables humans to come and visit it.  To enjoy it while not destroying it.]

Future Challenges: Each member operating their eco-tours as outlined above, the first association of at least 10 resort hotels in Manta, Ecuador whose members specialize in eco-tours of the Galapagos Islands that:

1) Run a global advertising campaign that says the only true eco-tours of the Galapagos Islands are theirs.  That anyone that stays on the islands cannot call themselves eco-tourists.  [Eco-tourists are very sensitive to being viewed as environmentalists and not harming natural preserves.  This ad campaign will turn them against staying on the islands and thus help shift the islands' eco-tourism from being based on the islands to being based in Manta.  The goal of this ad campaign is to destroy the false idea that any hotel on the islands is truly pro-environment.]

2) Pays for the cloning of the deceased Lonesome George, has two batches of 1,000 eggs produced, and has one batch's temperature set to produce males and the other batch's temp set to produce females.  The hatchlings then raised in captivity until they are healthy and large enough to exist on their own and then have them transplanted to Pinta Island.

...successfully lobbies their national government to:

3) Close down the government schools on Galapagos Islands and transport their students everyday to government schools in Manta.  Hire all the government school personnel on the islands to work in Manta's school system, relocating them to the mainland, and paying for their relocation to it.  If the school personnel owns land on the island, their employment contract requires them to sell it to the government at market prices, the government will then return it to its pre-human state and add it to the national park.  [The school children could be flown to the mainland on the airline jets that brings over the day tourists and then brought back to the islands when the airline jets fly back to bring back the tourists.]

4) Relocate all government workers (including police and park rangers) on the Galapagos Islands to Manta and then they fly out only for the day or night to do their government jobs on the islands.  The government workers are not allowed to live on the islands.  If the government workers own land on the island, their employment contract requires them to sell it to the government at market prices, the government will then return it to its pre-human state and add it to the national park.  [Eventually, the only government workers working on the island would be park rangers.  Even the airports should be eventually unmanned and only operated by the flight crews that fly the tourists out to the islands.]

5) Prohibit anyone from becoming a new resident of the Galapagos Islands, except of course babies born to island residents.

6) Set up an employment office on the Galapagos Islands that hires island residents for government jobs that are not located on the island and, if they are hired, requires them to relocate to the mainland and pays for their relocation to it.  Part of their employee contract is selling any land they own on the islands to the government at market prices and then the government returning that land to its pre-human condition and making it part of the national park.  Island residents given preference over all other Ecuador citizens for government jobs to try to depopulate the islands as fast as possible.

7) Make all coastal waters of at least 100 miles offshore of the islands off-limits to all ships, except in emergency situations and hopefully for the around-the-world race by tall ships.  The Ecuador navy regularly flying surveillance drones over the coastal waters to insure compliance.  Any ship not experiencing an emergency and trespassing would have their ship confiscated by the Ecuador government, sold at auction, and proceeds going to an endowment fund set up for the Galapagos National Park.  Any ship experiencing an emergency will be towed by a naval ship to the port of Manta.

8) Only allow flights from Manta's Eloy Alfaro International Airport to land at the island airports (Seymour Airport and San Cristobal Airport).  [By doing this, it would concentrate all Galapagos tourism in Manta and get all tourism businesses in Manta (not just resort hotels, but gift shops, restaurants, and so forth) to think as one in regards to the Galapagos Islands.  It will also give Manta something truly special that it can claim as its own ("Gateway to the Galapagos Islands") and the increased sense of ownership should result in better preservation of the Galapagos Islands.]

First Manta radio talk show host to champion this challenge and:

9) Get the President of Manta's Chamber of Commerce on their show and s/he speaks in favor of the challenge on the air.

10) Get the Mayor of Manta on their show and s/he speaks in favor of the challenge.

11) Get the President of Ecuador on their show and s/he speaks in favor of the challenge.

12) Get the President of Ecuador to officially announce that the government of Ecuador will do Future Challenges #3 through #8.

13) Does the first ceremonial act of demolishing the last man-made building, aside from the airport buildings, on the Galapagos Islands.  The "first ceremonial act of demolishing" can be something as simple as swinging a sledgehammer enough times to knock a hole in the wall in a house or as far as pressing the button to set off demolition charges to take down a large building.

14) Has their daily radio show start when the last passenger plane leaves Galapagos for Manta and becomes the "Voice of Nighttime Manta" ("Voz de Manta Nocturna").  In addition to airing across Manta, their show airs over at least one of the departing jet's speaker system.  [The idea is to get all the Galapagos tourists to come out and party in the city instead of going to their hotel rooms and sleeping.  Essentially, the show is one big long advertisement for all the restaurants, nightclubs, and other nighttime attractions in Manta.]

15) Does the same as in Future Challenge #14 but in English for all the Canadian, UK, US and other English-speaking tourists in Manta.

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