Golden Retrievers: First biotech company to genetically engineer Golden Retrievers to safely nullify...

...the proteins in them that causes some humans to be allergic to them and to name the new dog breed Golden Companion.  [These proteins are common in all dogs but this challenge is only for the Golden Retriever dog breed.  The Golden Retriever is not only considered a great service dog for the blind, the deaf, and the wheelchair-bound, but also is considered by many dog experts to be the perfect family/companion dog.  By making this genetic modification, those interacting with those being helped by Golden Companions and visiting families with Golden Companions need not be bothered by their usual dog allergies.]

Future Challenges:

1) First biotechnology firm to genetically engineer Golden Companions that eliminates all known genetic defects; makes their skin and fur repel ticks and fleas; and makes their body toxic to heartworms and all other known parasites.

2) First biotech firm that accomplishes all of Future Challenge #1 and only sells Golden Companions (GCs) to reputable dog breeders for only a 25% cut of all sales of off-springs and who are willing to sign a legal contract to do the following: Only breed GCs and no other dog breed.  Breed them only for companionship and not hunting.  The breeder never enters its GCs in field trials or hunting competitions.  Breeders only breed quad-crown champions (conformation, obedience, agility, and memory [competitions where dogs compete over how many distinct commands they have memorized ... for the more commands the GC can remember, the more valuable it is as a service dog]) which have also been certified as therapy dogs and which possess an AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  Breeders also strive to breed GCs who have a soft mouth, a medium energy level [can both chill and play], shed less, and live longer and healthier lives.  Aside from those sold or given to other GC breeders (who must sign a contract with the biotech company to pay them 25% of all future off-spring sales and abide by what is outlined in this future challenge), breeders only give away or sell dogs who are adults (at least two years old), who have been neutered/spayed, and who possess an AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate.  [Most Golden Retrievers that end up in dog pounds are juveniles because they are not the calm dogs which owners were expecting and hoping for when they got them as puppies and they (the owners) did not have the patience to wait until the dog reaches adulthood where it will be such a dog.  This will also enable breeders to be able to better pick the best ones of the litter to enter into competitions and breed.  Since GCs would be off-shoots of Golden Retrievers, these are not dogs that only bond with one person for life but are very social dogs that can easily handle late adoption.]  GCs are never allowed to cross-breed with another dog breed.  Breeding GCs are never given or sold to anyone but reputable dog breeders previously approved by and having signed a contract with the biotech company.  All GCs sold or given away have tracking chips inserted into their ears and if any GC ends up in a dog pound, the dog pound is instructed to call the breeder and the breeder will come get the dog and then find another home for it.

3) The first Golden Companion Club with at least 100 GC breeders as members.

4) The first Philanthropic Association of Golden Companion Breeders with at least 10 GC breeders.  There is only one PAGCB in the world and its members can be members of Golden Companion Clubs around the world.  As PAGCB members do not make any money off of breeding GCs and to make the biotech company want to do business with them, PAGCB members always purchase their first breeding dogs from the biotech company.  They can only give away their GCs and do not charge a siring fee.  After picking breeding stock, they first give away their best dogs to those who will make them into service dogs for the handicapped.  Then they give away the second-best dogs to those who will make them into therapy dogs for psychotherapists, social workers, hospital workers, daycare workers, and funeral home directors.  Then they give dogs away to celebrities and politicians who promise to take their dogs everywhere they go (including red-carpet premieres, talk shows, campaign rallies, and press interviews) to help promote the dog breed and because GCs are meant to be companion dogs.  Finally they give away the remaining dogs to the general public as pets.  Each PAGCB member must employ at least one full-time licensed veterinarian (who can be the house spouse of the PAGCB member, but who cannot be the PAGCB member) and has a significant breeding program (at least ten litters a year).

5) Recognition and acceptance of the Golden Companion as a new dog breed by the American Kennel Club.

6) First GC to win Best in Show at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

7) First GC to win Best in Show at Crufts.

8) First major hotel chain (1,000 hotels or more) to allow its guests to have their GCs stay with them.

9) First international airline to allow passengers to travel in the passenger cabin with their GCs without the GCs needing to be caged or without having to pay for an extra airline seat.  Passengers with GCs are moved to seats where there is space in front of them for their GC to lie down and rest.

For GCs that pass Future Challenge #1:

10) First country that quarantines dogs brought to their country that doesn't quarantine GCs.

11) First country to propose a resolution at the United Nations and which gets passed by its assembly to have all countries not quarantine visiting foreign GCs.  [This happens and Jack Decker, BTC's creator, will get himself a GC and it will then accompany him on all his travels, both domestically and internationally.]

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