Golf (caddy): First autonomous robotic golf caddy to do the below functions:...

...1) Follow the golfer's ball and not the golfer.  [All current robotic golf caddies follow a transmitter that the golfers carry with them.]  This challenge has the robo-caddy go directly where the ball has landed and thus helps golfers not lose their golf balls.  This is done by the golf ball having a transmitter located inside it or on its surfaces.  When the golfer starts a game of golf, the robo-caddy has a socket in which the golfer places their transmitting golf ball so the robo-caddy can identify and lock onto its signal and not be confused by any other transmitting golf ball.  When the golf ball has been locked onto, the robo-caddy signals the golfer that it has done so.  At anytime, the golfer can pick another transmitting golf ball, put it into the identification socket, and the robo-caddy will then follow that one from then forward.

2) Navigate the golf course to avoid driving over tee-offs, roughs, greens, and sand traps.  [This will likely require the robo-caddy manufacturer to map out every golf course in the world or, more likely, pay a GPS mapping service to do so for them.]

3) Orient itself in the best position for the golfer at the tee-off, on the lane, by the rough (and telling how many feet away the ball is in the rough and in what direction from the robo-caddy it is located), by sand traps, and by the green.  This orientation takes into consideration the location of the ball and the likely positioning of the golfer in relations to it and how the golfer is likely to play that golf lane.  [Dog-leg golf lanes being an important consideration in these calculations.]

4) Have a separate holster for the golfer's putter so that when it is removed at the green, the robo-caddy will drive around the green to be on the green's perimeter in line with the next tee-off or walk path to the next tee-off.  When the putter and golf ball are returned to the robo-caddy, it then takes off for the next tee-off and properly positions itself there for club selection by the golfer and the retrieving of the golf ball.

5) Use sensors (likely infra-red), the robo-caddy identifies who is part of the golfing group and doesn't drive in front of the golfer who is furthest behind.  [This is golf etiquette.]

6) Have motion sensors on the golf bag carrier that when a wood or iron is returned to the bag after the ball has been hit, the golfer has the option of the robo-caddy to show on a computer screen and/or stating it audibly the distance the golf ball went and direction in relations to the robo-caddy before it takes off to go to the ball, e.g.,  "201 yards south by southwest."

[Golf can be one of the least physically demanding sport.  This is made worse by the lazy use of golf carts.  But carrying one's golf bag or towing a hand-pulled golf caddy isn't good for one's health either as it either puts the entire weight of the golf bag (and its clubs, irons, spare balls, etc.) on one shoulder or requires one to pull on the hand-pulled golf cart with just one hand and thus constantly twisting the body in that direction only.  Either case is bad for those with bad backs and can potentially cause bad backs.  The above robo-caddy eliminates these two problems and reasons for using a motorized golf cart.  By simply requiring the golfer to walk, golf can be a more healthy sport.  That is the purpose of this challenge: to make golf something that improves one's health more than it does currently.  That and making robo-caddies more intelligent in their service to their golfers.]

Future Challenges:

1) First golf course to require all of its golfers to use the above robo-caddies and provides them fully charged as part of their golf memberships or green fees.  Golfers are only allowed to use motorized golf carts if they are handicapped and the golf carts must be only for a single rider.  Robo-caddies are given out at the golf course clubhouse and typically at the first tee-off.

2) First health insurance company that gives its policy holders a discount if they belong to a Future Challenge #1 golf course.

3) First trade association of FC #1 golf courses.  To win this future challenge, the trade association must have at least 1,000 golf courses as members.

4) First professional golf association (PGA, LPGA, etc.) that allows the above robo-caddies to be used by their golfers during tournaments.

5) First professional golf association that only allows the above robo-caddies to be used by their golfers during tournaments.  [This will likely be partially done to help promote the use of robo-caddies and the health benefits they give golfers and partially by robo-caddy manufacturers petitioning (and likely paying) the professional golf association to do so.]

6) First professional golfer to have won a Masters Tournament to endorse a robo-caddy and is contractually required to only use it while playing golf, both professionally and for leisure.

7) First US broadcast TV network drama to have its characters play a round of golf where all of them use the above robo-caddies.

8) First US broadcast TV network sit-com to have its characters play a round of golf where all of them use the above robo-caddies and at least one of the robo-caddies makes wise cracks about how bad one of the characters plays golf for whom the robo-caddy is her/his caddy.  [Don Rickles or Gilbert Gottfried could easily do these comedic voice-overs as their style of insult humor would be perfect for this kind of a role.]

9) First major US motion picture to show its main characters use the above robo-caddies on a golf course.  The motion picture must premiere in at least 4,000 US movie theaters.

10) First super-spy major US motion picture where the super spy uses an ordinary-looking-yet-super-equipped robo-caddy during a golf game where s/he comes under attack from enemies and the robo-caddy (partially) helps her/him defeat them or at least evade them.  [This would be perfect for the next James Bond movie.]  The motion picture must premiere in at least 4,000 US movie theaters.

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