Height (tall): First cruiseship line to purchase a private island and populate it with the world's...

..."true" giants (genetic "supermen" and "superwomen" [perfectly proportional people who are simply naturally genetically giants] and not pituitary gland or FMN1 gene mutation giants) and officially change the name of the island to Island of the Giants.  All of the men must be at least seven feet tall (2.1336 meters) and the women at least six and a half feet tall (2.01168 meters).  All of the island's old buildings must be demolished and all new buildings designed (with the help of an architectural firm) and constructed by and for the island’s new residents.  Everything is built to the scale of the residents, including vehicles, keyboards, and toilets.  No accommodations are made for average or shorter height people.

The island is an attraction for only the cruiseline’s passengers who are required to show respect to the island residents and to not treat them as freaks.  The cruiseship passengers are merely visitors to the island and are not allowed to sleep overnight on it.  In exchange for allowing cruiseship passengers to take their photographs and experience their world, island residents don’t pay for rent, utilities, medical insurance, or meals at a central cafeteria.  All businesses on the island can only be owned and operated by island residents.  Island residents can purchase from the cruiseship company their homes, condos, and business buildings and permanently own them.  No researcher who isn’t an island resident can do research of any kind on the island.  The cruiseship company only employs island residents to service cruiseship passengers on the island and cruiseship crews are prohibited from leaving their ship, except in emergencies and once a year for an annual crew/islanders party.
[The core idea behind this island is to give these giants a place where they are the norm.  Where they're not extremely tall but average.  Yes, the cruiseship passengers will marvel at them, but, when the cruiseship sails away at the end of the day, these giants will be just among themselves.  They'll have what many of them long wish for: a normal life where they're viewed as normal by their neighbors.  Sure, their children will be highly sought after by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and become extremely rich by playing for the league, but it shouldn't be surprising that their giant children return to this island during the off-season and when they retire.
If a cruiseship company also owns the Little Isle, expect the cruiseline to advertise the cruise that visits both of these islands as a “Gulliver’s Travels” cruise.  It should then bring its passengers first to Little Isle so they can feel like giants and then to Island of Giants so they will feel like little people and to humble them a bit.]

Future Challenges:

1) First retired player of the NBA to retire to the island.

2) First active player of NBA to live on the island during their sports' off-season.

3) First island couple to give birth to a child who will genetically be a "true" giant.  This future challenge will be declared won only after the male child reaches at least seven feet tall or the female child reaches at least six and a half feet tall.

4) First island couple to give birth to a child of the opposite sex as Future Challenge #3 who will genetically be a "true" giant.  This future challenge will be declared won only after the male child reaches at least seven feet tall or the female child reaches at least six and a half feet tall.

5) First gene therapy clinic on the island which is solely devoted to correcting health problems of "true" giants, such as weak load-bearing ligaments (e.g., knees and ankles).  The clinic bylaws prohibiting it ever trying to "correct" their giant stature but instead correcting the health problems of being a giant.  The clinic must have a medical museum for cruiseship passengers to visit and get educated about the biology of being a giant.  The island's cruiseline must fully support the clinic and employ at least three island residents who have doctorate degrees in medicine and/or genetics to do its research and gene therapy treatments as well as at least another three residents to serve as their lab assistants.

6) First island resident who is a stone sculptor who never uses a height extender (ladder, stepping stool, scaffold, etc.) to create their stone sculptures and at least one of their stone sculptures has sold for $1 million to someone who isn't an island resident.  [The idea is that normal height people will then marvel at the great height of these sculptures knowing that the sculptor did it all with her/his feet on the ground.]

7) First reality TV show that focuses on the island and its residents going off the island to get things and services for the island.  All above-the-line and below-the-line production members of the show must be island residents and the show must be edited on the island.

First genetic giant radio talk show host to champion this challenge and get the CEO of a cruiseship line on their show to officially announce that their company is:

8) Commissioning an exploration team to look into the challenge and the team has a budget of at least $1 million.

9) Purchasing an island to do the challenge and announcing the projected date when the island will be opened.

First genetic giant radio talk show host to champion this challenge and:

10) Start airing their show from the island from the first day of its transformation into an island of the challenge.

11) Is on the pier to welcome the first cruiseship passengers to the island.  This done live on their show.

12) Regularly air their show on a cruiseship when it is an hour away from arriving at the island and to continue to host their show until just after the ship blows its whistles as a final farewell to the island as it departs for open sea.  [This will build anticipation for the island among the cruiseship passengers and allow the radio show to advertise all the shops, restaurants, and other attractions on the island.]

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