Holiday Yard Displays: First US city or county blog to publicly encourage and award holiday-themed...

...front yard displays.  [The idea is to make the city or county more beautiful and cheerful as well as to get people to take down their holiday displays after the holiday passes.]  Qualifying city and county blogs must only focus on one city or county.  At the official start date of the contest, the city/county blog gives a printable road map and loop route guide to all of the front yard displays entered in the contest.  Readers are then allowed to vote for their favorite displays at the blog website.  The Friday before the holiday, the blog gives another printable map/guide like the one before but this time lists the winners (first, second, and third place) and gives a special driving route that takes people past just the winners’ displays.  The blog also gives big ribbon awards that can be placed in the winners’ front yards for drivers passing by to see.

The contest has to have at least the following prize categories: Private Residence (Small Yard), Private Residence (Medium Yard), Private Residence (Large Yard), Residential Block (both sides of the street), Fraternity/Sorority House, College Dorm, Car Dealership, Restaurant, Retail Business, and Best of the Best (top prize and no second or third place for this one).  For county blogs (since they typically cover more than one city/town), they also must have the prize category of: Best Downtown.
The following are the contest time periods: January 2nd to Valentine’s Day; February 15th to Mardi Gras; Day after Mardi Gras to April Fool’s Day; June 4th to July 4th; September 30th to Halloween; Day after Halloween to Thanksgiving; Day after Thanksgiving to Christmas; December 26th to New Year’s Day.

Future Challenges:

1) First city blog of a major US city (population of a million or more) that does the above.

2) First city blog of a major US city (population of a million or more) that does the above and receives a good citizenship award from their city's mayor.

3) First city/county blog to offer a free app for smartphones that is a GPS-enhanced map of the route that will take them to see all the places of those who have entered that holiday's contest and then later a map that takes them by all the winners.

First consumer GPS company to annually give:

4) An award for the best holiday display routes of the year by a US city/county blogger.  Blogger must specialize on just one city or county.  All holiday display routes considered as a whole.  Bloggers must produce routes for all the holidays listed in the original challenge.

5) Gold, silver and bronze medals to the best holiday display routes of the year by a US city/county blogger.

6) At least a million dollars to the best holiday display routes of the year by a US city/county blogger, half a million dollars to the second best, and a quarter of a million dollars to the third best.

First entertainment production company to do a:

7) TV documentary on holiday yard displays with the focus being on a city or county blogger who does what is listed in the original challenge.   Documentary must be at least one hour long and premiere during the broadcast or cable TV's prime time.

8) Reality show about a city or county blogger and those putting up holiday yard displays in that blogger's territory.  [Some people really get into their holiday yard displays and take it very seriously.  With a city/county blogger giving the public a driving route map and giving out awards for the best holiday yard displays, this is ripe for a high drama as contestants for those awards work to win them.  Almost everyone knows of people who are WAY into this kind of activity to where it is an obsession for them.  Their holiday yard displays are anything but modest.  If the producers can find an over-the-top city or county blogger, this should produce reality TV gold for the production company.]

9) First major motion picture to do a comedy about holiday yard displays and their owners.  Movie must have a city/county blogger as route map maker and award giver as a crucial part of the story.  Someone who causes the holiday yard display owners to go over the cliff to comic effect.  Movie must premiere in at least 4,000 US movie theaters.  [This is the type of comedy that Chevy Chase and/or Will Farrell would excel at doing as middle age and senior citizen characters would be ones that audiences would expect to get into this sort of an activity.  Toss in a "young blood" new-to-the-neighborhood upstart (like John Mulaney) into this highly competitive environment and you've essentially lit the fuse for the fireworks that follow.  And don't be surprised if the city/county blogger for such a movie is a flaming gay man with delusional aspirations and a prima donna attitude, possibly played by someone like Andy Dick.]

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