Iran: Possibly the longest shot and most radical idea is for Iran to join the US as a state. Then...

...again, this might not be as radical as you might think.  Iranians under the age of 30 years are very Westernized and surprisingly pro-American.  They resent the brutal suppression of their nation by its religious leaders and their cronies in government.  While the Iranian Green Movement did fail to bring about change, it did show there is a HUGE number of Iranians who want to be free and civilized.  If these forces later succeed, they may swing the nation radically in the other direction (revolutions tend to go to extremes) and seek statehood with the US as a way to insure they never go back to the old regime.

Pro-statehood weekend mega-concerts will never be allowed by the current Iranian regime, but when it falls (and all regimes eventually fall), pro-statehood mega-concerts might spontaneously pop up around the nation and build a momentum that eventually leads to its post-revolution national legislature requesting statehood from the US.

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