Mixed Races: First international organization whose members are of mixed race who jokingly call...

...themselves “mutts” (a humble term for a dog of mixed breed but also one known as a good scrapper in street fights and more genetically healthy than purebred dogs), are parents of mixed-race children, and their organization has the word “Mutt” in it (something like: The International Society of Mutts).  The group’s goals are to stop “pure” racial groups from claiming mixed-race celebrities and politicians as part of their race; to get the news media and entertainment programs to identify mixed-race celebrities as mixed race and not of a "pure" race; to get governments and, both governmental and private sector, pollsters to add “mixed race” to all their racial surveys; to stop governments from treating their citizens differently due to race; to raise the public profile of people of mixed race; and to get politicians and celebrities of mixed race to refer to themselves as mutts and not of one of their races.  The organization’s mascot is a mixed-breed dog (a mutt).  To collect this challenge, the organization must have chapters in at least 50 countries and in all 50 US states.

Future Challenges:

1) Get the United States of America to change its national animal from the Bald Eagle to the mutt.  [America is “the melting pot of the world” and a mutt better represents that than a Bald Eagle.]

2) First "Mutt Caucus" of US Congresspersons from both parties and both chambers of Congress who are of mixed race or are parents of mixed race children (either because their spouse is another race or they adopted mixed-race children).  These members proudly proclaiming their mixed race nature or support for them and working to represent "mutts" when it comes to all legislation that involves racial groups.

First mixed-race radio talk show host to champion this challenge and:

3) Promote the international organization for 100 days straight on their show to get other people of mixed-race and the parents of mixed-race children to join it.

4) Only refer to themselves and celebrities who are of mixed race as "mutts."  This including President Barack Obama and his daughters.  To win this future challenge, the host must do this for a full year without any exception.

5) Start a campaign to get the US federal government to have "Mutt History Month" and encourage her/his listeners to sign the campaign's We the People petition to bring this about.

6) Organize and then lead a "Mutt Pride" march in Washington DC to the White House and then emcee a rally there.  To win this future challenge, the parade and rally must have had at least 100,000 people participate in it.

7) Get at least 100 celebrities who are of mixed race to come onto her/his show and publicly ask the media and public to refer to them as "mixed race" and/or "mutt" and not by one of their races.  To win this future challenge, each celebrity must talk on the show for at least five minutes about their racially mixed background and then all of these appearances made available for listening on the show's website.

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