Movie Theaters (previews): First major multiplex theater chain to give preview countdown clocks for...

...for all of their movies.  The countdown clocks for previews must be listed next to the movie times by the ticket sales counter, concession stand, in the arcade room (if they have one), and underneath each individual movie sign outside of the theaters within the multiplex.  The countdown clocks start ticking down at the advertised start time for the movie and end when the previews are over.  [This should help concession sales and improve the movie-going experience as movie-goers will know how much time they have left to get drinks and snacks.  And for those movie-goers who hate previews, they can then hang out in the multiplex's lobby and/or arcade room and then enter the theater when the movie is actually going to start.]  To win this challenge, the movie theater chain must have at least 100 multiplexes in their chain.

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