Music: First living music band to have had a #1 hit to give away free all of its music online and... share its music and videos on peer-to-peer networks and Internet radio.  [The band doing this in order to increase its fan base, to increase attendance at its live concerts, and to gain corporate sponsors.]

Future Challenges:

1) First mega-concert weekend (30 or more bands) with only bands that give away their music free online (both audio and video).

2) First concert promoter to only represent bands that give away their music online (both audio and video) and who is able to book the bands at concert halls in at least 100 US cities in a year.

3) First professional association made up of only music bands who make a full-time living as musicians and who give their music away free online (both audio and video).  [They make their income from selling tickets to, and tie-in merchandise at, their live concerts and from corporate sponsors.]

4) Third annual music awards TV show for only music bands that give away their music (audio and video) free.

5) First music radio station in a Top 10 US metro market to only play music from bands that give away their music free.  The radio station must inform its listeners about the band’s future concert dates after airing the band’s music.

6) First broadcast or cable TV network to have an hour-long weekly prime-time TV show that only features music videos from bands that give them away free.  The TV show must promote the band’s future concert dates after showing the band’s music video.

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