Mysteries (TV): First cable channel to get onto 80% of all US cable TV providers as part of their...

...“expanded basic” cable packages and, by way of its corporate bylaws and public statements, to commit itself to only mystery fiction programming.  Each prime-time evening of the week offers three hours of original programming produced for and first premiering on the cable TV network.  The three-hour prime-time must then be re-aired immediately so those in Pacific Time Zone can see them during their prime-time period.  Re-runs of such original programming are also allowed to air during such prime-times.  Each night of prime-time must also be devoted to a specific mystery subgenre, such as amateur sleuth, bumbling detective (e.g., Inspector Clouseau), caper (heist), cozy, forensics (doctor), hard-boiled, legal (courtroom), police procedural, and whodunit.  [Don't be surprised if this cable TV network originates in the UK as well as most of its original mystery programming.]

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