NASCAR (race cars): First 500-mile auto race around a NASCAR race track with only computer-driven... (numbering at least 20).  Race track loop must be at least a mile long.

Future Challenges: First race above where:

1) At least one car crosses the finish line.

2) At least 50% of all cars cross the finish line.

3) At least 80% of all cars cross the finish line.

4) It is the third annual race.  Must take place on the same Saturday or Sunday of the same month (i.e., 3rd Sunday of August) each of those years.  The winner of this future challenge will get free the domain name, which Jack Decker (BTC's creator) currently owns.  The first racetrack that is at least one mile long and makes a legal commitment to do so will get free use of the domain name for the first two years.

5) The winning race time beats the fastest race time at a human-driven NASCAR 500-mile race.  [Record: Mark Martin on May 10, 1997 running the Winston 500 at the Talladega Superspeedway with an average speed of 188.354 mph.]

6) 50% of the drivers are human professional NASCAR drivers and 50% are computer drivers.  This called a “John Henry” 500-mile race.  There must be at least ten human drivers and ten computer drivers.  Computer drivers may only use a fully-automated pit crew.

7) A computer driver wins a "John Henry" 500-mile race.

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