No Child Soldiers: Allows any US soldier to drink alcoholic beverages on any US military base in any...

...of the base's facilities which serves alcoholic beverages.  This applies to all active-duty, Reserve, and National Guard soldiers.  [That an 18-year-old can serve in the military and be ordered to kill and possibly DIE for his country but cannot go into a bar and order a Bud Light is morally despicable!  Nothing – NOTHING – is more adult than killing and dying for one’s country.  Are we sending children to war or what?!  If we are not sending children to war, we need to treat them like the adults they are and lower the drinking age to the minimum age for enrolling and serving in the military.  The lowering of the drinking age must also apply to those rare few who enlist and serve while they are 17 years of age.

The lower drinking age for soldiers will also help the US military recruit those 17 to 20 to join the military.]

Future Challenges:

1) Allows any civilian who is a registered guest of a US soldier (and in possession of a guest pass), accompanied by their sponsoring soldier, and who is at least 17 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages on the military base in the base facilities that serve alcoholic beverages.  If the civilian is under the age of 21 years, they cannot directly order and buy alcoholic beverages but ONLY their sponsoring soldier can do so for them.  [Nothing will help a young soldier's social life more than the ability to invite their date onto the base for a beer or glass of wine.  And because of this, this will be another thing that will help the US military get new recruits, especially for Reserves and National Guard.  If this is done, ROTC enrollment on college campuses will go through the roof.]

2) First US military base to sponsor a week-long Spring Break celebration and allow US soldiers of ALL military branches from all over the world access to the base as well as any registered guest they wish to bring with them.  The military base must be located in a climate that is typically hot during the proposed week and has its own sandy beach, which is where the main festivities of the celebration are held on.  [As long as the drinking age for civilians remains at 21 years of age, this celebration will be a BIG draw for college students and make ROTC students very popular with their fellow college students.]

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