Nobel Prize: The elimination of all Nobel Prizes except those for hard science and medicine. [The...

...Nobel Prizes for hard sciences and medicine are tarnished by the Nobel Prizes for non-sciences, especially the highly politicized Nobel Peace Prize (which, in 2009, was given to a US President at the start of his presidency for no other reason than he wasn’t the previous US President and, then in 2012, unfathomably gave one to the entire European Union).  And then there is the highly subjective Nobel Prize in Literature, which has long shown bias for European authors.]  Also, to win this challenge, it must eliminate the pseudo-Nobel Prize for economics.

Or if the Nobel Foundation won't do the above, it can still win this challenge by changing the names of the Nobel Peace Prize to the "Nobel Wishful-Thinking Prize", the Nobel Prize in Literature to the "Nobel Prize in European Literature", and the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences to "Nobel Prize in Fairy Dust Accounting."   [The Nobel Peace Prize was given to a known terrorist who then continued to do terrorist attacks and the Nobel Foundation didn't ask for its prize and money back.  The Nobel Prize in Literature was never given to Arthur Miller, John Updike or, most unbelievably, Mark Twain.  And the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences has given to numerous reality-less you-can-spend-your-way-to-prosperity Keynesian economists, such as Paul Krugman.]

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