North Korea: First Supreme Leader to do a "Cuba", whereby he opens his nation's southern border for...

...two weeks and allows any North Korean (including its police and soldiers) who want to emigrate to South Korea to do so.  The citizens can take their children and anything they can carry.  [Don’t be surprised that some of the conditions of this open-border event are: A) all vehicles (including horse and cattle drawn wagons) must be left at the southern border and the citizens are not allowed to return to carry more back over the border, B) South Korea cannot allow any North Korean to emigrate to another country or this open-border event will never be repeated again, C) South Korea cannot solicit or accept foreign aid to handle the influx of immigrants, and/or D) foreign soldiers and naval ships in South Korea must leave and sign treaty agreements to never return as long as North Korea makes no threatening gestures to South Korea.]  For the Supreme Leader to win this challenge, he must inform the entire nation of North Korea of this open-border event in the country’s newspapers and during prime-time broadcasts over both radio and TV at least one month before it is allowed to occur, allow people to take their pets (and allow dogs to be used as pack animals to carry stuff across the border), and the two weeks of the open border must be during the Spring or Fall when the weather is not too cold or hot.

[By doing the above, North Korea gets rid of all those who don’t like living there and, in at least their minds, silences talk that they’re an oppressive regime.  If people don’t love North Korea, they can leave it.  This could literally be called a “love it or leave it” policy.  Those that remain are most likely those who are either true believers, people who think their lot in life is better in North Korea than it would be in South Korea, and/or people who cannot leave family who refuse to leave.  Additionally, it wouldn’t be surprising that North Korea views this as a form of economic warfare against South Korea in how it will stress South Korea’s infrastructure in absorbing the flood of people.  That and North Korea will likely do as Cuba did and empty all of their prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental institutions and have the convicts and patients blend in and join the flood of people going south.]

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