Orphans: First private boarding school to only take in students who are orphans. The...

...boarding school must have at least 400 orphan students and be able to take in students as young as five years of age.  [Very young orphans are the most commonly adopted and sought.  The most popular orphans are newborns and toddlers because they will have no memory of their biological parents when they get older.  Their adopted parents will be the only parents they know and prospective parents know this and thus want it and thus why newborns and toddlers are so sought after by adoptive parents.  What this means is that the older an orphan becomes, the less and less likely they will be adopted.  After the age of five, adoption rates plummet.]  If the school already exists, the school's name must be changed to that of a famous orphan, such as Aristotle.  All costs paid for by donation drives and an endowment, but not government.  School must operate 365 days a year since these children have no home to go to over what would normally be school breaks.  The school must have an annual school reunion over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  [This Christmas school reunion will give a place for graduates to go to over this very family-oriented holiday and thus help make the holiday less of a lonely time for them, especially for those of them who are still single.

The horror stories about what happens to orphans in "normal" orphanages and foster homes is long and well-known.  Orphans are also commonly social outcasts in normal schools, public or private.  The boarding school of this challenge gives orphans a stable home and peers who are just like themselves.  The students of this school will gain a great sense of unity and family.  This school will be what they will call "home" both while attending it and after graduating.  This school will probably end up having the biggest endowment of any public or private school as its graduates will feel a real solid affinity with the students that follow them.  School reunions at this school will have all the makings of a family reunion.]

Future Challenges: The first orphans-only boarding school to have:

1) A teacher who was an orphan her/himself.

2) A headmaster/headmistress who was an orphan her/himself.

3) The chair of its Board of Regents who was an orphan her/himself.

4) All of its Board of Regents to have been orphans themselves.

5) Its headmaster/headmistress, all of its Board of Regents, all of its administrative/service staff, and all of its teachers have been orphans themselves.

6) An admissions policy to accept orphans from around the world.

7) An admissions department that actively seeks out orphans from around the world and enrolls them in its school.

8) An admissions department that actively seeks out war orphans and only war orphans from around the world and enrolls them in its school.

9) Its own private island and its entire campus located on it.  School must have at least 400 students.

10) A required course on the history of orphans.  Its students required to take this course when they enter fifth, ninth, and twelfth grade.  [This course will help the orphans feel more connected to history and orphans throughout history.  It will make them aware of and be inspired by successful orphans.]

11) A TV documentary done on them.

12) A broadcast-network prime-time TV drama series fictionally based on it or based the general concept of the original challenge with location shots done at a real boarding school, which doesn't have to be a boarding school for orphans.  To win this future challenge, at least the first season must be about the rough transition of the school from a traditional boarding school to one for just orphans.  [Very likely the opening episode will be the firing of the headmaster and the installing of a new one who was an orphan when s/he was a child.]  Also to win this future challenge, the series has to last at least four seasons.

First nationally-syndicated radio talk show host who was an orphan to champion this challenge and:

13) Get the headmaster of a boarding school to officially announce on the host's show that it is converting itself into a boarding school for only orphans.

14) Spearhead a donation drive on her/his show for the endowment fund for a orphans-only boarding school and that fund drive raise at least $10 million (or the equivalent in their nation's currency).

15) Broadcast her/his show from the campus of an orphans-only boarding school for an entire week AND, within that week, do a fund drive for the school's endowment fund that raises at least $1 million (or the equivalent in their nation's currency).

16) Gives the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony of an orphans-only boarding school.  To win this future challenge, the host's speech must either be broadcast live over all the radio stations that carry her/his show and/or replayed in its entirety on the very next episode of her/his show.

17) Sits on an orphans-only boarding school's board of regents.  Must serve at least one full year on the board to win this future challenge and attend all board meetings during that time.

18) Gets a new boarding house or dormitory building at an orphans-only boarding school named after her/him.

19) In addition to hosting their show, teaches a class at an orphans-only boarding school.  Their radio show must broadcast from the campus of the boarding school and the host must be employed full-time as a teacher by the boarding school.  If the radio talk show host was a teacher at the school and then became a radio talk show host, their radio talk show must be carried on at least 100 radio stations for the host to win this future challenge.

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