Police Corruption: First US state to restrict their state police to only policing local...

...police (village/city police and county sheriff departments) within their state and spins off the state police's forensics lab into an independent law enforcement agency independent of the state police.  [Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  That’s Latin for “Who watches the watchman?” and in today’s terminology that would translate into: “Who polices the police?”  Currently, who polices the police is the police.  The same police department polices itself.  For small police departments, that would be the police chief.  For the smallest police departments, that would be the solo cop it employs policing himself.  The inherent wrongness of this is obvious to even a child.  This applies to even the largest police departments with their own “Internal Affairs” department.  That department’s name itself shows how wrong that is.  No police department wants to damage its public image.  That’s natural.  But because that’s natural, it calls into question how effective these Internal Affairs departments can be and are.  It is common for police departments to “force” bad cops to retire.  Not go to prison for the crimes they did, but to retire on the public dime.  Other cops are suspended with pay, reprimanded, and other light treatment.  They are rarely ever treated like how cops treat other criminals.  And that is saying ANYTHING is done at all.  And because of how inherently wrong this set-up is, the police are not trusted by the public, especially the poor who know they cannot afford powerful lawyers to protect them from police abuse.  This challenge corrects this problem by making the state police ONLY police the local police, not even providing them forensics lab support.]  The state troopers’ sole job will be then to ferret out the bad local cops and put them in prison.  Making a public example of them to discourage other local cops from becoming bad.  [By restricting state police to only policing local police, there isn’t any need for state police to get along with local police to be able to investigate and solve a crime.]  The state must provide a toll-free telephone that doesn’t have any caller ID on it for the public to report bad local cops to their state’s state police.  All such reports must be made available for oversight and review by state politicians NOT in the local police department’s jurisdiction as well as civil liberties organizations, such as the ACLU, CATO Institute, Reason Foundation, and Institute for Justice.

Future Challenges:

1) First US state to pass a state-wide citizen-initiated referendum that restructures their state police along the above lines.

2) First major US state (9 million or more) to do the above challenge.

3) First major US state (9 million or more) to pass a state-wide citizen-initiated referendum that restructures their state police along the above lines.

4) First TV drama about a fictional state police department that polices local police.

5) First reality TV show that focuses on a state police department that polices local police.

First US Senator or US House Representative to introduce a bill to Congress that gets passed and signed into law by the US President that:

6) Restricts the FBI to just policing the state police of all 50 states, crimes committed across state lines, and to provide forensics support to state and local police departments.

7) Establishes a police force under the direct supervision and control of the US Supreme Court that only polices the FBI and all other federal law enforcement agencies, including the CIA and NSA.  This Supreme Police (as they will likely eventually be nicknamed) does not answer to the US President or US Congress but only the US Supreme Court.  [This adds another good check-and-balance to the federal government.  And if this had been done before 1935, the unethical police activities of Edgar Hoover, FBI Director from 1935 to 1972, might not have been happened as he would have rightly feared exposure, disgrace, and dismissal, if not prosecution and imprisonment.  But because there wasn't such oversight, the only one who policed Director Hoover was ... Director Hoover.]

8) Builds a prison for only convicted bad cops outside of Barrow, Alaska and offers to jail for free any convicted local or state police officer from all US States and territories.  [The reality is that any convicted copy has a death mark on their head when they're sent to a regular prison.  Prisoners view them as the enemy and an enemy they can now kill amongst themselves.  This is also the plea that bad cops use with other cops to not arrest them ... or to let them plea bargain down the charge to non-prison time ... or even to be allowed retire and leave the force while still getting a pension.  By setting up a prison for just bad cops, they have a better chance of surviving in prison and other good cops won't buy the "pity me" arguments from them.]

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