Regeneration: First full digit regeneration of a single-digit toe human amputee. From the tip of...

...the toe to the first joint.  For this challenge and all future challenges, no bone structure is added that isn’t created by regeneration.

Future Challenges: On the appropriate human amputee, the first full regeneration of a fully functional:

1) Single digit finger.  [From fingertip to the first joint.]

2) Two-digit finger.  [From fingertip to second joint.]

3) Toe.  [From toe knuckle to toe tip.]

4) Finger.  [From the finger knuckle to fingertip.  Once this technique is perfected, Jack Decker (BTC creator) will have his damaged right pixie finger amputated and regrown.]

5) Foot.  [From ankle forward.]

6) Hand.  [From wrist forward.]

7) Lower leg.  [From knee down.]

8) Forearm.  [From elbow forward.]

9) Leg.  [From hip down.]

10) Arm. [From shoulder out.]

11) Nose.

12) Ear.

13) Spinal cord.  [As in repairing a severed spinal cord.]

14) Lips.

15) Tongue.

16) Teeth (both upper and lower).  [Once this technique is perfected, Mr. Decker will have his teeth done.]

17) Jaw.

18) Lips, jaw, and tongue.

19) Eye.

20) Eye and eyelid.

21) Face.  [Repairing the damage suffered by a facial burn victim.]

22) Kidneys.  [One done at a time.]

23) Adrenal glands.  [One done at a time.]

24) Lungs.  [One done at a time.]

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