Retirement: The mandatory retirement age is removed for soldiers and they are allowed to continue...

...soldiers and they are allowed to continue working for the military as long as they can do a job that the military needs done.  Also soldiers who have previously retired are allowed to return to active duty, if a job which they can do is available.  [Retiring after twenty years in the military might sound like a great idea until you realize that it then forces the soldier (who can be as young as 38 years) into the civilian sector when he or she is WAY past the age of getting an entry level job in any job field.  Not only that, but it is high stupidity that we are getting rid of our most experienced and best trained soldiers who can still continue to contribute to our national defense.  As for them not being He-Man by the time they would normally have been forced to retire, the truth is that they would have long ago been promoted into the administration ranks by that time and you do not need to be a He-Man to push a pencil.]

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