Running (Chunnel): Third annual extra-long marathon through the Chunnel's service tunnel. This...

...marathon is invitation only and only those who have won a regular marathon within the last 365 days are invited to run this one.  Women who finished first amongst all the women who ran such races will also be invited to run the Chunnel Marathon.  The regular marathons must be officiated by a respected running association and can be held anywhere in the world.  [As this marathon is run through the Channel Tunnel's service tunnel, there is limited space for runners and so this race shouldn't be open to the public (a mob of runners).  Also, to make sure the race is over in a reasonable amount of time, having only marathon winners insures this.]  As the Chunnel is 31.4 miles long, the race will be an extra-long marathon (which normally are just a little bit more than 26 miles long) and it will have to be even longer than this length so its start and finish can be done before spectators.  [Spectators who can then hop onto the Chunnel train to race to the other side and witness the finish as well.]  Each year the race happens on May 6th (the date when the Chunnel was officially opened) and alternates which end of the chunnel starts the race, with the first race starting in Folkestone, Kent, UK [since Calais, Pas-de-Calais, France {the other end of the Chunnel} got to be the site where the Chunnel was officially opened].

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