Sears Tower: First society of Chicagoans to lead a corporate raid on the London-based...

...Willis Group for the purpose of firing its entire top management (everyone identified as an "Executive Officer" on the Willis website), replacing all members of its board of directors with society members (none of which can have been Willis employees or board members previously), changing its corporate name to the Arrogant Assholes Group (officially nicknaming of the company "The Big Ass", retitling all "Executive Officers" to "Big Assholes" [for future ones since the old ones will be fired], and retitling all other company employees as "Bloody Asses" ["bloody" is a very vulgar word in England]), changing the name of its London corporate headquarters building from the Willis Building to the Arrogant Asshole Building, and returning the name of the Willis Tower back to the Sears Tower.  The tactical goal of the group is to buy enough stock in the Willis Group to take control of the corporation and implement the five previously-named changes.  To win this challenge [but not necessary its goal], the society must have at least 1,000 members and collectively possess at least 100,000 stock shares in the Willis Group.

[One of the most boneheaded branding moves of all times has surely been the renaming the Sears Tower to the Willis Tower.  Willis Group being a complete unknown to the community of Chicago and yet having the unfathomable arrogance to rename one of its best known buildings.  While Sears had long ago moved out of the building and is now in decline (now a mere subsidiary of Kmart), it has been a nearly-century-long resident of Greater Chicago, helped build Chicago what it is today, and was the corporation that brought additional world fame to Chicago by building the tallest building in the world at the time.
The true purpose of this challenge is to cause as much negative publicity as possible for the Willis Group until they cry "Uncle!" and change the tower's name back to the Sears Tower.  But if the Willis Group is truly as boneheaded as they appear to be, this challenge is truly to get a society of Chicagoans to carry out the goals of this challenge.]

Future Challenges: First Chicagoan radio talk show host to publicly champion this challenge and...

1) Regularly encourages Chicagoans to join the corporate-raider society, gives the current number of stock shares the group has in the Willis Group, and tells what they still need to get to gain control of the company.  To win this future challenge, the radio host must have spoken about this cause at least once everyday of their show for at least 100 days.

2) Spearheads a "letter" campaign where s/he gets her/his listeners to anonymously mail single rolls of toilet paper to the London corporate headquarters of the Willis Group and gives the mailing address for the CEO of the Willis Group on the air.  To win this future challenge, the host must encourage her/his listeners to do this at least once everyday on their show for 100 days.  [As everyone knows, assholes need to be wiped with toilet paper.  The message for the Willis Group CEO is to clean up his act and restore the Sears Tower name.]

3) Gets the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange on her/his talk show and asks how the stock exchange initials for the Willis Group can be changed from WSH to ASS.

4) Calls up live on her/his show at least 20 of the companies that use the Willis Group and asks their CEOs to switch to another insurance broker until the Willis Group restores the name of the Sears Tower.

5) Flies over to London and does a full week of live shows from across the street from the Willis Building.  Prior to coming to London, the show must run ads in London newspapers asking any disgruntled former Willis employees to contact the show and then having them on the show to air their grievances against the Willis Group.  Everyday during the London week, the show must also have on at least one British comedian (a different one each day) who does a dry wit rip routine on the Willis Group by way of defending the company's right to rename whatever they like after their company's name.

6) Campaigns to make July 16 "Arrogant Asshole Day" and, on her/his show on July 16, gets the CEO of a greeting card company and talks to her/him about coming out with a line of "greeting" cards which people can anonymously send to the arrogant assholes in their lives as well as arrogant asshole celebrities and politicians to let them know they're not fooling anyone.  To win this future challenge, the radio host must also get at least 25,000 people to sign a We The People online petition to the US President asking him to make July 16 "Arrogant Asshole Day" as an official federal holiday.  [July 16, 2009 was the day when the Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower.]

7) Gets the CEO of the Willis Group on her/his talk show and, in all seriousness, asks him live on the air: "What is it like being the world's biggest arrogant asshole?"

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