Secret Service: First US law that strips the US Secret Service of its anti-counterfeiting and...

...anti-forgery duties and only makes its focus bodyguard duties.  The winner of this challenge is the first US House Representative or US Senator to successfully introduce a bill to the US Congress and get it signed by the US President (or if the President vetoes it, gets Congress to over-ride that veto) that accomplishes the goal of this challenge.  The bill also gives the Secret Service's anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery duties to the US Marshals.  [What does combating counterfeiters and forgerers have to do with protecting the US President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, and presidential candidates?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  This would be like making a fire marshal also the dog catcher.  Technically, both are in law enforcement but their duties don't really overlap.  The Secret Service Chief shouldn't have her/his attention on anything other than making the leaders of the US safe.]

Future Challenges: First US Senator or US House Representative to pass a bill in Congress and get it signed by the US President that:

1) Repeals the time limit on Secret Service protection of former US Presidents.  [The idea that a US President will stop being protected by the Secret Service after ten years after they've left office is asinine.  Maybe Americans have the attention span of a medfly, but not everyone else in the world.  Many groups hold grudges against enemies for CENTURIES.  Read up on the religious ("ethnic") wars in the former Yugoslavia and how long they have been warring with each other.  The 50-year iron-fist rule of that region by the communists was only a momentary pause in the fighting.  So if you think Islamic zealots won't remember what George Bush Jr. or Obama did to them after ten years, you're only kidding yourself.  This protection limit must be repealed before a former US President is killed by someone who can wait a mere ten years to get their revenge.  Mark these words.  The first former US President who gets killed after his Secret Service protection is removed will make this repeal look like one of the greatest blunders and tragedies EVER and will humiliate the nation for its stupidity.]

2) Pays for a single airline jet to transport around former US Presidents and their never-remarried widows/widowers.  These two groups can also take along as many family members and guests as the jet has seats available.  The jet must have a similar look as the US President's Air Force One but with gold instead of white as one of the jet's two primary colors.  All former Presidents share the use of this jet and arrange their flights accordingly.  [Former Presidents still represent the US even after they're out of office.  Many become unofficial and/or goodwill ambassadors for their nation.  How the nation treats them reflects back on the nation itself.  Also, as outlined in FC #1 above, they need to still be protected for decisions they made while as President and this jet helps the Secret Service do that.  Treating never-remarried widowed First Ladies (First Husbands) similarly just shows additional respect for their late spouses.]

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