Sexuality (lesbians): First non-pornographic lesbian website in Guam to offer an international...

...version that advertises job openings, real estate for sale, businesses for sale, and apartments for rent on the island and islanders seeking long-term relationships with off-islanders interested in moving to the island.  Also, an island version that advertises off-islanders seeking employment on the island and seeking relationships with islanders and willing to relocate to the island.  The international version of the website cannot be accessed by ISPs on the island and the island version cannot be accessed by ISPs off the island.  A publicly stated goal of the website must be to try to make Guam the first lesbian nation in the world.  [Lesbians only amount to a small percentage of any population.  This challenge tries to create a nation for lesbians.  In it, lesbians will be the majority, not a tiny minority.  It also is meant to create a safe haven for all lesbians in the world.  As for any argument about “they won’t be able to reproduce their population,” rest assured lesbians will have easy access to sperm banks and the world will be constantly giving birth to lesbians, many of whom will eventually seek to make this nation their home.]  The website must employ at least ten full-time employees for at least three years.

Future Challenges:

1) Renewing after each level (but the last one) is achieved, the lesbian population of the island exceeds:

  1. 5%
  2. 10%
  3. 20%
  4. 30%
  5. 40%
  6. 50%
  7. 60%

2) The island declares itself, and is recognized by the United Nations as, a sovereign lesbian nation and is no longer a US territory.  The island, though, can give the US the land of Naval Base Guam as its own sovereign soil so it can continue operating it [because it is a good source of jobs and revenue for the island].

3) The island nation gives full citizenship to any lesbian who can set foot on its soil and requests it.

4) First TV drama about a fictional company doing the original challenge in Guam.  To win this future challenge, the TV show must be filmed in its entirety in Guam (both location shots and studio shots) as well as be edited there.

5) First TV documentary to document a company doing the original challenge.

6) First reality TV show to focus a company doing the original challenge.

7) First "underground railroad" for lesbians that has its final destination be Guam.  [Lesbians are literally being executed in certain countries (such as in North Korea) for simply being lesbians.]  The organization that wins this future challenge is dedicated to not change those countries but help lesbians escape from them to Guam.  [While social change in those countries would be the best thing to happen, it is also probably the most unlikely and would cost too many lives of lesbians in the process.]  The "underground railroad" must have its headquarters in Guam, employ at least 100 full-time workers for at least three consecutive years, and not before or after charge the escaping lesbians for using it.  The railroad arranging and paying for the airline tickets or ship passage out of the repressive countries to Guam, giving them new official identities (while hiding their past identities to protect them from reprisal by their former countries), and temporarily lodging them until the railroad can find them permanent lodging and employment in Guam.  For closed border countries, the railroad must be dedicated to helping smuggle out lesbians to freedom in Guam.

First lesbian radio talk show hostess to relocate to Guam, air her show from there, champion this challenge, and:

8) Has on her show 10 lesbians who have relocated to Guam who state they have explicitly relocated there to make the challenge a reality.  The lesbians must be referred to by their real names.  [This can be dangerous due to possible reprisals by locals against them but this openness will be needed for the challenge to succeed.]  Each of the lesbian must talk on the show for at least five minutes on why they're helping make the challenge a reality and their life as a lesbian from where they were before.  All these interviews must be available for listening on the show's website.

9) Same as Future Challenge #8 but with 25 lesbians.

10) Same as FC #8 but with 50 lesbians.

11) Same as FC #8 but with 100 lesbians.

12) Same as FC #8 but with 250 lesbians.

13) Same as FC #8 but with 500 lesbians.

14) Same as FC #8 but with 1,000 lesbians.

15) Run for political office on a campaign platform to make Guam into the first lesbian nation in the world.

16) Run for political office on a campaign platform to make Guam into the first lesbian nation in the world and WIN the election.

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