Shakespeare: Third annual Shakespeare Festival in the US that performs a Shakespeare play in modern...

...American English and, after an intermission, then performs the same play in Elizabethan English (in which the plays were originally performed) with the same actors and actresses in the same roles as the first play.  [The idea is to enable the American audience to first know what is being said and then they’ll have a better time enjoying the play in its original form.]  The festival must perform at least fourteen different Shakespeare plays over a week’s time with one dual-play [American English and Elizabethan English] performed in the late morning to early afternoon and the other dual-play performed in the evening.  [The idea is to enable tourists to spend a week at the festival and not see the same dual-play twice.]  There must be at least an hour and a half break between dual plays to enable audiences to go get something to eat, take a nap, and such.

To win this challenge, the festival must last at least from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It cannot be a government program nor receive any government grant/subsidy, guaranteed loan, or tax credit nor can it use any government-owned theater.

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