Snow: First pizza delivery restaurant chain to offer to plow the streets and highways of their... area in exchange for paying no local sales or property taxes.  If the restaurant chain's offer is accepted, they will purchase at least ten attachable snow plows for each of their restaurant locations and store them there.  Then when it snows, their delivery people will attach the snow plows to their vehicles and plow the streets and highways as they deliver their pizzas.

[When it snows, pizza delivery restaurants tend to get more business than usual because people want to stay in and order in a pizza instead of going out to eat.  As these delivery vehicles go everywhere in a city to deliver their pizzas, they would majorly help keep streets and highways clear of snow at a fraction of the cost to local governments having government employees do so.
And if the pizza delivery restaurant chain is smart, they will offer to have their delivery people plow for "free" (purchase required) the driveways of people who order their pizzas.  Not their sidewalks.  Just their driveways.  If a pizza delivery restaurant chain advertises that they'll do this, they'll be flooded with pizza orders when it snows.  That's great for the chain and a GREAT perk for ordering a pizza by the public.  And the benefit to the pizza chain goes beyond more sales.  Plowing driveways of their customers will make those customers even happier to order from their chain.  Additionally, by the chain saving local governments money, they'll receive some good will from the entire community for doing so.]

Future Challenges:

1) First city taxi service to offer the same above deal to its city and county.

2) First cellphone app that helps keep track of the roads and highways plowed by pizza delivery vehicles and taxis doing the original challenge for cities and counties.  The app communicates with all other cellphones doing the same thing in the same city and county as well as other such plow apps.  The app then highlights the least plowed streets and recommends routes to the vehicles that enable them to plow them when returning to the restaurant or, if it is a taxi, when it isn't carrying a paying passenger.  The app also informs the city and county road maintenance departments which streets they've plowed (and even which side of the street they've plowed) so the departments don't send out plows to those streets but instead to streets the delivery vehicles and taxis are missing.

Accepting the offer of a pizza delivery restaurant chain or taxi service to do the original challenge for them:

3) First city to do so.

4) First US city to do so.

5) First county to do so.

6) First US county to do so.

7) First US state to do so.

8) First nation to do so.

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